Big changes are coming to Local Marketing, are you ready for them?

Don’t wait for the future to happen.

Learn 5 Omnichannel trends you can apply to your Digital Marketing strategy right now and bring the future to all your locations.

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  • Local Data: Forecast changes in inventory, implement urgency triggers like dynamic pricing and hyper-tailor the experience for your customers.
  • Going Seamless: Remove friction, connect the online offering with the in-store experience and more.
  • Leverage what you’ve got: Use your brick and mortar expertise to beat the e-retailers on your home turf. Work with your people, offer offline exclusives and use your online presence to drive the online crowd to your locations.
  • Voice Assistants: As millions of them make their way to consumers homes, leverage voice search and take advantage of localized voice search.
  • Dare to dive into AI and pair it with Virtual Reality or Enhanced Reality to give your in-store experience a boost with technology that gathers customer data for you.
  • Multi location brands are struggling to keep up with changes to the customer journey for many reasons. Read the Future of Local eBook to uncover them.